Protected Toyota 76 by Jankel Armouring

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The Toyota 76 is a 5 door, 5 seats off road utility vehicle, maintaining the simple and reliable 4.2L 6 cylinder diesel 1HZ engine. The Toyota LandCruiser is the base vehicle of choice for many humanitarian and security organisations worldwide.  Renowned for its robust reliability and extensive spares support network, the LandCruiser has been used in the most remote and hostile areas of the world for many years.  The Jankel Armoured Toyota 76 LandCruiser builds on this capable and rugged vehicle platform.


The user requirement that the armoured Toyota 76 LandCruiser may fulfil includes:


- Humanitarian patrol in hostile environments

- VIP escort with electronic counter-measures

- Covert operations / reactive intervention


The Jankel production facility is producing 30 armoured vehicles every month through a system that controls quality throughout the production process. The Jankel design and manufacturing of an armoured vehicle takes into account all the mechanical and engineering changes that are required to account for the increased weight and load on the vehicle chassis and components.


Base Vehicle

A standard Toyota LandCruiser is selected as the base platform for the armoured vehicle with the following features:


- 1HZ 4.2L Straight-6 Diesel Engine (129 bhp)

- Hi-Lo transfer box with part-time 4WD

- Rest of world Extreme Environment specification

- Powerful air-conditioning system

- Snorkel and cyclonic air-filter

- White paint with grey or oak trim

- Rear limited slip differential enhancing off-road capability

- Wading depth of 700 mm without preparation

- 90 Litre fuel tank




Jankel have over 30 years experience in building armoured vehicles for government, military and humanitarian customers and has built up an impressive client list who are extremely demanding in relation to the safety and armour installation standards they expect from their protected vehicles.


The vehicle’s armour design has been subject to, and passed, the stringent independent QinetiQ approval process. This approval process covers every aspect of the design, from material selection, testing, material traceability and welding standards to how the armour system would perform against ballistic, fragmentation and blast threats.


Ballistic Protection Level


The materials used provide protection to BS EN 1063 Level BR6 / BS EN 1522 Level FB6 which equates to the following threat:


Calibre 7.62 x 51 mm NATO Ball, 9.5 gram @ 10 metres, 3 shots into 120 mm circle, velocity 830 mps +/- 10 mps and all lesser threats (including AK47 assault rifle soft core ammunition).


Side Blast Protection

The level of protection offered by the vehicle is 15 kg of TNT detonated 3 metres from the vehicle.


Underfloor Protection Level

The level of protection offered by the vehicle is 2 x DM61 hand grenades, detonated simultaneously beneath the vehicle.

This level of protection also applies to the fuel tank, which is fabricated from steel armour.


Material Selection

Jankel extensively use steel armour which offers the highest levels of armour integrity against multi-strike and side blast events. Light weight composite materials are available to upgrade protection specification.


Base Vehicle


Whilst the rugged and reliable base vehicle serves as an outstanding platform for armouring, certain upgrades must be applied in order to produce a safe vehicle capable of efficiently carrying the permanent addition of armour.


Engineering Upgrades

The upgrades undertaken to enable the vehicle to operate effectively and reliably with it’s post-armour enhanced GVW are as follows:


- Turbo-charger installed onto diesel engine to increase power to 168 bhp @ 3,800 rpm and  380 Nm @ 2,200 rpm

- Replacement 145 litre armoured fuel tank

- BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A LT235/85 R16 Tyre and heavy duty Toyota steel wheels to improve stability of vehicle, further fitted with a 50 km Hutchinson runflat system

- Heavy duty door hinges, door check straps and door risers to maintain integrity of door closing function

- Bespoke heavy-duty springs, dampers, steering damper and anti-roll bars, both to cater for additional weight of armour, as well as improving handling and stability

- High performance braking system to improve efficiency and reduce brake fade

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