Protected Toyota 78 by Jankel Armouring

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The Toyota 78 is a 13 seater protected people carrier; developed for personnel patrol and transportation in hostile environments.  The vehicle is supplied with the simple and rugged 4.2L diesel engine which does not require diagnostic equipment for servicing and maintenance - ideal for remote locations or long range missions. Jankel's design offers superior protection while maintaining a discreet profile that blends into many urban landscapes.


Key benefits that the armoured Toyota 78 LandCruiser offers includes:


- 145 L fuel tank with 750km range

- Extreme environment and dirty fuel compatible in accordance with STANAG 1135

- A continuous vehicle production line offers rapid lead times


Jankel is the only company to offer a 13 seater protected people carrier that is in line with the latest health and safety standards. Seating capacity without Jankel's mechanical upgrades would degrade the product to a 6-8 seater. Hence the product offers the best value 13-seat civilian armoured vehicle on the market. The Jankel upgrades (full certified for health and safety requirements) cater for the additional weight of the armour, as well as improved handling and stability.

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