Protective Socks M1 by Trayal Corp

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Trayal Corp
Milosa Obilica
BB, Krusevac

Protective socks M1 are intended for single wearing above field shoes to protect legs against the effects of NBC agents in liquid and solid form and against flame. Socks are made of rubberized textile.


They are available in one size to suit each size of field shoes.




One pair of socks mass is not more than 550 g.

Protective capacity of socks to S-yperite drops at 25 0C is not less than 360 min.

S-yperite drops penetration time at 36 0C is not less than 30 min.

Limit oxygen index value is not less than 26% O2.

Soks has camouflage properties in the near and infrared scope of the EM spectrum (650 - 1000 nm).

Defense Products & Services: Protective Socks M1 by Trayal Corp
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Description: Protective Socks M1
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