Protective Socks M2 by Trayal Corp

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Trayal Corp
Milosa Obilica
BB, Krusevac

Protective socks M2 are intended for single wearing above field shoes to protect legs against the effects of toxic agents drops (S-lost drops are tested) and multiple protection against radioactive and atmosphere falling on contaminated field.


The protective socks M2 are made from camouflage, in visual and near IR area (650-1000nm) designed polyamide material, coated with special rubber layer, strengthened with special rubber sole. The socks are made in one size.


The mass of one pair of socks is not more than 400 g.

The protection time against S-lost drops at T = 25 0C is more than 120 minutes.

Defense Products & Services: Protective Socks M2 by Trayal Corp
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Country: Serbia
Description: Protective Socks M2
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