R-33E Long-Range Air-to-Air Missile

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The R-33E missile is designed to engage single and multiple targets within all-round attack zone in all weather conditions, with natural interference, enemy ECM, and evasive manoeuvring against the earth background or in free airspace by day and night. It features a normal aerodynamic configuration with upper fins folded to fit suspension under the fuselage.


In the initial flight stage the missile is guided by the inertial system, and in the terminal stage by the semi-active radar homer. The missile has a solid propellant, single-chamber two-mode engine and a high-explosive fragmentation warhead. Four missiles are attached to recessed fuselage hardpoints. Launch of the four missiles ensures simultaneous engagement of up to four targets flying at different altitudes with different speeds, as well as of a single target by several missiles.


The targets are engaged at altitudes ranging from 0.05 to 28 km. The R-33E is designed to arm the MiG-31E aircraft.

Max launch range, km



Weight, kg:

launch 490

warhead 47


Target g-load



Fighter-type target hit probability



Dimensions, m:

length 4.15

diameter 0.38

horizontal stabiliser span 1.1

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