RA01-0125-01 (RWD1000) High Frequency Wideband Dipole Antenna by Alaris Antennas

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South Africa

Alaris Antennas (Pty) Ltd
1 Travertine Avenue, N1 Business Park, Old Johannesburg Road
Centurion, Gauteng 0157

The RWD1000 (RA01-0125-01) is a tough and rugged, yet highly efficient HF wideband dipole antenna, covering the frequency range 2.5 MHz to 30 MHz, ideal for base station and static mobile applications.


Constructed from stainless steel, aluminium and UV resistant plastics, the RWD1000 is compact and lightweight when rolled up, and the integral wire holders ensure rapid, tangle free deployment.


Ideal for short (NVIS), medium and long range communications, the RWD1000 can be erected in minutes, in either an inverted ‘V’ or positioned without consideration to the direction of transmission, making it ideal for use in multiple station networks.


Typical deployment time is approximately 20 minutes.


Supplied complete with:

25 m feeder cable,

4 x anchor pegs,

carry bag,

deployment instructions


Technical specifications:


Frequency                 MHz 2.5 - 30

Power Handling       1000 W

Mass (kg)                  8

Size (m)                     46.2

Maximum VSWR      <3:1

Defense Products & Services: RA01-0125-01 (RWD1000) High Frequency Wideband Dipole Antenna by Alaris Antennas
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Defense Products & Services Sectors: Antennas, radio, ground-based
Country: South Africa
Description: RA01-0125-01 (RWD1000) High Frequency Wideband Dipole Antenna
Source of Information: Alaris Antennas (Pty) Ltd