RA-CHM System Status Monitoring by Rohde & Schwarz

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The The R&S®RA-CHM system status monitoring software is an integrated, system-specific solution for continuous monitoring of key system parameters in radiomonitoring systems from Rohde & Schwarz. It monitors devices and system components fully automatically, outputs warnings and alarms to operators if system components approach or reach critical operating states, and assists maintenance personnel in fault diagnosis.


Key Facts


System-specific integrated remote monitoring of all relevant system parameters of complex COMINT systems

Display of measured values versus time

Hierarchical organization of multiple subsystems

Monitored emergency shutdown in cases of temperature violation or power failure

Support of Rohde & Schwarz equipment as well as of third-party, SNMP-based devices


Features & Benefits


Continuous monitoring of R&S®RAMON and satellite monitoring systems

- Central management of system parameters of complex monitoring systems

- System-specific integrated monitoring appliance for monitoring relevant system components

- Display of measured values versus time

- Quick overview of current system status


Simple and flexible

- Easy system setup

- Extensive hardware support

- User-friendly, straightforward user interface


Integration into R&S®RAMON and satellite monitoring systems

- Basic system control and emergency management

- System status reporting in R&S®ReportEdit

- User rights management with R&S®RAMON user management

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