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The R&S®RAMON software modules are used as core components in advanced radiomonitoring and radiolocation systems. The R&S®RAMON software covers a broad scope of functions: It can be used to control the equipment connected to a computer, to store and analyze the data delivered by the equipment, to control and monitor the information flow in a networked system comprising multiple workstations or system sites, and to simplify routine tasks by translating them into fully automated sequences.


Key Facts


Integrated radiomonitoring and radiolocation software from single-operator to nationwide distributed systems

High probability of intercept

Highly automated monitoring process – automatic storage of all radio activities to create a basis for information analysis

Easy networking of radiomonitoring and radiolocation systems with R&S®RAMON software providing adaptation to a variety of communications systems and data transmission bandwidths

R&S®RAMON systems flexibly integrate as subsystems into customer's radiomonitoring and radiolocation systems


Features & Benefits


Full scope of functionality – all from a single source

- Complete portfolio of hardware and software components

- Support of complete workflows from planning to reporting

- Full range of services (project management, system engineering and user training)


High probability of intercept

- Detection of low probability of intercept (LPI) emissions

- Storage of LPI signal characteristics and comparison with stored signal profiles to enable emission identification


Flexibility and scalability

- Reconfiguration, expansion or updating of existing systems to include new scenarios

- Flexible sharing of sensor equipment

- Remote control capability


Remote control

- Remote control capability via wired or wireless communications links

- Use of simplex or full-duplex communications links

- Adaptation to available bandwidth


Interference hunting

- Mobile DF system for use on commercial vehicles

- Automatic target location in urban environments


Propagation calculation with R&S®Propagation Calculation Tool

- Determining the radio coverage for optimum site planning

- Planning the communications links for subsystem networking


Automation of radiomonitoring sequences

- Combining radiomonitoring functions into complex, fully automated sequences

- Time-controlled radiomonitoring tasks in unattended systems/subsystems


Evaluation support and radio network detection

- Automatic detection of radio traffic and radio networks

- Display of electronic situation picture

- Re-identification of radio networks by means of emitter database


Workflow control

- Defining and tracking of orders and reports

- Clear-cut hierarchical structure


Integration into existing systems

- Expandable, future-oriented solutions thanks to open interfaces


Turnkey, customized system solutions

- System integration into almost any type of mobile platform

- Planning, installation and putting into operation of stationary systems

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