RD016 Antenna Rotator by Rohde & Schwarz

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Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG
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The portable R&S®RD016 Rotator is used to remotely steer the R&S®AC008 Microwave Directional Antenna.


The rotator is controlled and powered via the R&S®GB016 (Model 03) Control Unit.


Features & Benefits


DC gear motors for azimuth and elevation control, which feature small moment of mass inertia, very short run-up time and high efficiency

Accurate positioning due to modern resolvers and electronic control

Angular limits for azimuth and elevation are perfectly maintained by sturdy micro switches within the rotator

Protected against splash water and equipped with a pressure compensation and venting system.

Flange for fixation of R&S®AC008 Microwave Directional Antenna (top) and R&S®AC008-Z tripod (bottom)




Supply Voltage range                      18 V to 36 V DC

Motor Power                                    240 W

Range of movement                        360 ° (Azimuth)

                                                        0 ° to 30 ° (Elevation)

Speed of rotation                             approx. 3 °/s (Azimuth)

                                                        approx. 0.3 °/s (Elevation)

Positioning accuracy                       ±0.1 °

Permissible driving torque              approx. 150 Nm (Azimuth)

                                                       approx. 80 Nm (Elevation)

Permissible bending

moment at top flange                      max. 200 Nm

Permissible axial load                     max. 600 N

Operating temperature range         –35 °C to +63 °C

Dimensions (H × W × D)                 approx. 310 mm × 360 mm × 270 mm

Weight                                             approx. 13 kg

Defense Products & Services: RD016 Antenna Rotator by Rohde & Schwarz
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Description: RD016 Antenna Rotator
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