RD-600V Turboshaft Engine

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The RD-600V turboshaft engine of modular design is installed on the Ka-60/62 multipurpose twin-engine helicopters and its derivatives. The RD-600V is the engine of the new generation of 1,200 to 1,800 hp power class.


Its distinguishing features are as follows:

reverse-flow combustion chamber

two-stage power turbine

new memory storage

automatic electronic digital control system

segmented two-wall flame tube that increases the engine overhaul period to 10,000 hours

four-stage miniature axial-centrifugal compressor with a controlled starter, featuring a high degree of compression.


The engine employs a built-in high-effective dust protector that allows the helicopter to operate at unpaved airfields. The engine intermediate gear box can decelerate the output shaft to 6,000 rpm that considerably simplifies the design of the main rotor drive gear box of the helicopter and provides its best weight characteristics and overall dimensions. The advanced system of faults monitoring and fully automatic digital two-channel test system of emergency warning greatly improves a factor of safety and reliability of helicopters that make use of this engine. The RD-600V engine is provided with the certificate registered in the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee (АRIAC).

Power, hp / EM



Power, hp

takeoff 1,300

cruise 1,000


Specific fuel consumption, g / (hp.h)

takeoff 209

cruise 225


Air flow rate, kg/s



Pressure ratio



Engine dry weight, kg



Overhaul period

time between overhauls, hrs 220

service life, hrs 10,000

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