Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Packs for HEMV (Hybrid Electric Military Vehicles) by Saft

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Saft’s HEMV battery system provides power to the vehicles’ engine while it is not relying on fuel. The battery is comprised of between 5 and 8 high power VL 34P Li-ion modules, depending on the speci c power needs of the application.


Saft supplies complete energy storage systems customized as needed to meet customer specifications.




Very high speci c energy

Very high power

Maintenance free

Light weight

Fast re-charge

Low life cycle costs

Reliable and safe




Air cooling with optional liquid cooling

Carbon negative

Nickel oxide-based positive

Integrated electronic management system

CanBus communication interface with vehicle

Can be con gured with differing numbers of modules depending on power needs




Hybrid electric military vehicles


Exportable power

Silent watch


Applications requiring a combination of power and energy




Electrical characteristics                            HEMV-5                     HEMV-7


Nominal voltage at 50% SCO                     219 V                          307 V

Charge limit                                                 246 V                          344 V

Discharge limit                                            150 V                           210 V

Maximum continuous current at 25 ̊C*                            200+ A

Peak power at 50% SOC*                          98.3 kW                      138 kW

Continuous power at 50% SOC*                 53 kW                         74 kW

Energy                                                         6.6 kWh                     9.2 kWh

Specific energy                                                              66 Wh/kg

Capacity                                                                           30 Ah

Impedance at 5 sec (250 A discharge)        65mΩ                        85 mΩ


Mechanical characteristics


Weight                                                          220 lbs / 100kg         310 lbs / 140 kg

Height                                                                             9 in / 229 mm                      

Width                                                                           18.5 in / 470 mm

Length                                                          25 in / 635 mm          35 in / 890 mm


Operating Conditions


Operating temperature                                                   -30 ̊C to +60 ̊C

Storage and transportation temperature                        -40 ̊C to +65 ̊C



*Power and current ratings dependent upon cooling conditions and fuze sizing

Defense Products & Services: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Packs for HEMV (Hybrid Electric Military Vehicles) by Saft
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Description: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Packs for HEMV (Hybrid Electric Military Vehicles)
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