Rechargeable Li-ion Systems for Torpedoes by Saft

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Saft’s rechargeable Li-ion battery systems represent the most promising approach for both light weight and heavy weight (LWT and HWT) training and exercise torpedoes. Although currently slightly more expensive than secondary Ag-Zn batteries, the reusability of Li-ion batteries ensures low life-cycle costs, bringing cost-effectiveness to sea trials.



Features & Benefits


Saft provides a custom-made service to develop the ideal Li-ion battery system to suit a customer’s specific performance requirements for each torpedo. The battery is made up of a number of Li-ion cell modules connected in parallel to provide the required capacity; these are then connected in series to provide the required voltage. The Li-ion battery is managed by an electronic control system adapted by Saft to suit the specific torpedo application.


High volumetric and gravimetric energy densities

Low life-cycle costs through increased reusability

Long service life (more than 100 cycles and over five years)

Long calendar life

Safe operation and ease of handling

Reduced maintenance and logistics costs

State of charge measurement which provides an accurate ‘fuel-gauge’



Technical Specifications


Sealed construction

Large and medium-sized batteries

Cylindrical and near-prismatic format

Battery life duration: 10 years

Operating temperature: - 40°C to + 60°C

Defense Products & Services: Rechargeable Li-ion Systems for Torpedoes by Saft
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