Redback - Remote Controlled Weapon Station

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Redback is a multi barrel 40mm remotely operated weapons systems (ROWS) which can instantly attack multiple targets with different munitions.

The Redback system offers a dual role capability and significantly improved lethality and target effect. It provides a lightweight offensive and defensive capability for all vehicles or fixed assets. At the upper end of its capability Redback is designed to intercept multiple rocket propelled grenades using conventional 40mm munitions.

Redback automatically tracks and registers targets. It can slew at speeds up to 700 deg/sec and can acquire and fire at 3 targets in approximately 1.2 seconds, selecting the appropriate munition for each target.

Redback consists of a lightweight gimbal, mount and weapon, weighing approx 70kg. It includes a combat proven fire control system that has thermal and imaging sensors as well as a laser rangefinder with a 5,000m range.

Redback can fire a range of high explosive, enhanced blast, air burst and less lethal munitions. Firepower can be precisely controlled to deliver one or more munition natures to target simultaneously, with the operator able to choose both fire rate and munition natures to provide an intense and accurate salvo of munitions.

Redback is fully reloadable using multiple clipped rounds or individual rounds.

The Redback weapon system can be fitted to almost any size vehicle, or mounted in a fixed defensive positions. Its roles include:

  • Vehicle protection
  • Convoy protection
  • Special forces
  • Peacekeeping
  • Area denial
  • Robotic systems of all kinds
  • Perimeter control

Remote controlled weapon station (Turrets)

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