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The Remote Control System (RCS) is designed to take the man out of harms way when necessary.


The RCS is a proven, safe and reliable means of operating unmanned military vehicles from a remote command vehicle.  Originally developed for use by the British Army, the RCS employs secure digital radio link technology.


RCS operates on the master-slave principle, with the unmanned ‘slave’ vehicle controlled from an Operator Control Unit (OCU) installed inside the ‘master’ command vehicle.


Multiple cameras provide all round vision with images and performance data being relayed to the operator via a high resolution display screen.


As a minimum the RCS is capable of controlling the steering, accelerator, service and parking brakes, gear and driving direction and camera selection at a distances of up to 5 km.


It can also control all other vehicle systems and is compatible with the full range of Pearson Engineering Special to Role equipment.


Technical specifications:


Data Link Range:                  3.6 km Line of Sight (at 138 MHz)

Data Link Refresh Rate:       Typically 8 Hz for a complex installation

Video Link Range:                >5 km Line of Sight (at 4.4 GHz)

Video Link Latency:              <100 ms when transmitting two images simultaneously


Key Features


- Line of Sight Operation up to 5 km

- Easy to use ‘briefcase’ or ‘handheld’ controllers

- Intuitive menu system used to control the vehicle and its payloads

- Safety ‘designed in’ from initial concept

- Approved by the US Navy Weapons System Explosive Safety

- Review Board (WSESRB) and the System Software Safety Technical

- Review Panel (SSSTRP)



Operation and Control

As remote controlling a vehicle requires a significant amount of concentration, Pearson Engineering has developed an intuitive and straight forward interface which provides a comfortable environment to effectively operate the system.


The operator interface provides feedback on a number of parameters including vehicle speed, heading, pitch and roll, system configuration and faults, engine speed and the selected camera.


In addition to a ‘briefcase’ based control system, Pearson Engineering has developed an innovative ‘Game Console’ concept.  Made from die-cast aluminium, the controller features two X-Y joysticks (one for scrolling through the screens the other for driving), shortcut buttons for scrolling through the screens and selecting the cameras.


Pearson Engineering has also incorporated the capability for two operators to simultaneously control a single vehicle, allowing the one to concentrate on the driving functions and the other to operate the Special to Role equipment.



Tele-operation forms part of Pearson Engineering’s complementary range of equipment and is specifically designed to complement Pearson Engineering’s Special to Role equipment.

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