REYS-D Unmanned Air Reconnaissance System

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The Reys-D system is designed to carry out air reconnaissance, additional target and terrain reconnaissance, and battle damage assessment at a depth of 150 km behind the forward edge of the battle area.


The system includes:

the Reys-D reusable unmann-ed air vehicle

the SPU self-propelled transporter/launcher providing UAV transportation, aiming and launch

the TZM transporter/refueller designed to transport and refuel a SPU-mounted UAV

the POD-D3 mobile data processing and decoding centre

mobile checking/testing system comprising two test vehicles and a power source for routine UAV maintenance

technological equipment system.


The Reys-D is capable of carrying out air reconnaissance in any weather, by day and night, in hostile air defence and eventual NBC contamination conditions. It is capable of detecting enemy objects, receiving and recording reconnaissance data in real-time both on board the reconnaissance UAV and at the ground-based data processing and decoding centre. The system identifies targets, determines their coordinates, prints out photographs and reconnaissance reports.



The integrated flight navigation system of the Reys-D UAV ensures its flight along a pre-set trajectory with high-precision approach to the designated reconnaissance areas, and landing after completing the mission.

The reconnaissance equipment container is quartered in a detachable nose part of the UAV fuselage. The following two mission payloads are possible:

the AP-402M aerial camera and the Zima-M IR reconnaissance equipment

the AP-402M aerial camera and the Aist-M television system.


The Reys-D is a fully autonomous system enabling round-the-clock covert deployment from unsurveyed sites. In the high alert status, the UAV can be launched within 10-12 minutes after receiving the corresponding launch command, as well as immediately after the march (the SPU vehicle can run a distance of up to 500 km). It takes 35-40 minutes to prepare the UAV for launch after the march. The pre-launch preparations can be done by a crew of three. Thirty seconds after the UAV has flown over the designated area, the POD-3D system operator receives the reconnaissance data, complete with coordinates referenced to the flight route.



On the basis of the Reys-D UAV the Reys-DM air target capable of imitating various manoeuvring targets flying at speeds of 500 to 900 km/h has been developed.

Launch weight (with booster), kg



Range, km



Air speed, km/h



Altitude range, m



Dimensions, m:

length 8.06

wing span 2.24

height 1.54


Pre-programmed altitude changes



Reconnaissance area number



Total area, reconnoitred

in one flight, km2 up to 2,100

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