RGW 60 HEAT Handheld Weapon System by Dynamit Nobel Defence

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Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH
Dr.-Hermann-Fleck-Allee 8
57299 Burbach

Today’s military special forces require light, compact and effective handheld weapon systems in order to maintain their mobility but also have an impact on different types of targets. The RGW 60 HEAT has a good penetration performance and is highly suitable for commando units or Special Forces, since both need to be able to stop or engage light armored vehicles.


In particular the warhead was designed to minimise fragment effects and is therefore particularly useful for Special Police Forces. The low weight of merely 6 kg, the high combat range of about 300 meters plus the ergonomic design of the weapon system fulfills in particular the requirements of military special units and anti-terrorist units.


The RGW 60 HEAT can be fired from confined spaces. An optical sight is attached to the RGW 60 HEAT, also adaptation of night vision or other sighting devices is possible.



Technical Features

Caliber                       60 mm

Weight                       5.8 kg

Length                       0.9 m

Effective range          15 m to 300 m


- Interface for night vision devices and other aiming devices

- Can be fired from enclosed spaces

Defense Products & Services: RGW 60 HEAT Handheld Weapon System by Dynamit Nobel Defence
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Country: Germany
Description: RGW 60 HEAT Handheld Weapon System
Source of Information: Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH