Rising Rate Spring Technology for Suspension by Horstman Defence Systems

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Horstman hydropneumatic suspension uses the rising rate spring characteristic of compressed Nitrogen gas to produce a spring with the benefits of a conventional spring/torsion bar system around normal static ride height of a vehicle platform, and the advantage of an increasing spring rate as the suspension is compressed toward bump/jounce.


The spring characteristic shape is customisable to suit the application.


The isothermal characteristic considers the compression of the gas spring, and all the thermal energy created escapes during this process.


The polytropic spring characteristic considers some of the thermal energy is retained during the compression stroke and is closer to the normal characteristic expected during operation.


Damping characteristics are typically used in combination with the spring to achieve an acceptable performance when used in a vehicle suspension application.


These spring are suited to applications like wheeled and tracked vehicle suspension, gun recoil systems/recuperators, and other recoil systems.


Feature                                 Benefit


Optimal spring                     Optimal spring characteristic around normal spring travel

characteristic around           Avoids the need for the cost and weight of a separate

normal operating travel       hydraulic bump stop


Rising Rate Spring               Improved spring characteristic over linear springs

and improved damping        to prevent excessive travel and bump impacts,

                                            by progressively slowing movement




Selectable damping

Dual spring characteristic / secondary volume

Active damping

Ride height control system (RHCS)




Charging kit – HydroboosterTM

Electronic control unit (ECU)

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Description: Rising Rate Spring Technology for Suspension
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