S3V ASW Guided Bomb

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The S3V guided bomb is designed to destroy submarines operating in the following modes: surfaced, at periscope depth, submerged to the maximum depth of 600 m, or lying on the sea bottom.


The S3V bomb equipped with a shapedcharge HE warhead features excellent cost-efficiency. Its hit probability exceeds by 1.2 to 1.5 times that of standard ASW air bombs at moderate depths, and by 4 to 8 times at great depths of up to 600 m. In storage the bomb does not require any special maintenance or testing. The S3V bomb arms the Mi-14 and Ka-28 helicopters.

Bomb weight, kg



Explosive charge weight, kg



Submerging speed, m/s



Glide angle, deg

up to 60


Trajectory correction system diagram sector, deg



Dimensions, m:

length 1,300

calibre 211

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Description: S3V ASW Guided Bomb
Source of Information: Rosoboronexport Joint Stock Company