SALAMANDER II Intercom Systems by Sonic Communications

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Sonic Communications (Int) Ltd
Birmingham International Park, Starley Way
Bickenhill, Birmingham B37 7HB

This is the new generation of Modular airfield crash tender vehicle intercoms. The digital system comprises of a master unit, with up to four intercom stations.


The Salamander II can be operated purely as an intercom system with up to two standard or digital radios.


The operator will be able to wear various headsets: Ear defender headset and a helmet mounted headset with the boom or skull microphone. It is the first system to allow the use of skull microphones. 


The Salamander II is designed to meet the requirements of the new digital radio schemes (i.e radio and radiopol) and also the requirement of communication headsets within the 'jet' style fire fighters helmet. Thus allowing the wearer to disconnect from the vehicle system and reconnect to his handheld radio, keeping him in constant radio connection whether in the vehicle or on the fire ground.

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