SALLY Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery by Saft

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Saft’s SALLY 3s1p MP 174865 xlr battery is ideally suited for applications requiring high energy, long operating life under cycling conditions and offers excellent performance in temperature environments from –35°C to +60°C.




Excellent operating lifetime in calendar and cycling with a very stable internal resistance

Long shelf life with extremely low capacity loss under storage

Smaller environmental footprint than other technologies


Key features


High energy density (371 Wh/l and 159 Wh/kg)

Cycle life of 950 cycles at 100% DoD at C/2 discharge, C/ charge rate

Maintenance free

No memory effect

Built to the OEM specification

Manufactured in EU


Designed to meet all major quality, safety and environmental standards


Safety at cell level UL 1642, IEC62133-2

Transport: UN 3480, UN 3481

Environmental: MIL-STD 810E

Quality: ISO 9001, Saft World Class

Environment: ISO 14001, RoHS and REACH compliant


Typical applications


Handheld thermal imagers SOPHIE5) and Mirabelle5)

Compatible with the AA86A battery

Target acquisition systems


Technical specifications


Electrical characteristics


Typical capacity (at C/5 rate, +25°C, 2.5V cut-off) (1)         5.3 Ah

Nominal voltage                                                                  10.95 V

Nominal energy                                                                   58.04 Wh

Recommended maximum discharge current (2)                    

Continuous                                                                          10 A (~2C rate)

Pulse                                                                                    21 A (~4C rate)


Physical characteristics (sleeved cell)


Length (max)                                                       145.0 mm

Width (max)                                                         62.6 mm

Height (max including terminals)                         55.5 mm

Typical weight                                                      ~530 g

Nominal volume (including terminals)                  0.49 l

IEC battery designation                                       3INP56/62/145

Saft internal designation                                      3s1p MP174865 xlr XLSO

Saft part number / type reference                       08670G         GP 31468


Operating conditions


Typical cut-off voltage                                 2.5 V

Charging method                                        Constant current/Constant voltage

Charging voltage                                         4.2 ± 0.05 V

Maximum continuous charge current (4)    5.0 A (~1C rate)

Operating temperatures (4)                                 

Charge                                                        -30°C to +60°C

Discharge                                                    -35°C to +60°C

Storage & transportation temperatures (4)

Recommended                                           +10°C to +30°C

Allowable                                                     -40°C to +60°C


(1) Can vary depending on temperature and discharge rate

(2) Can vary depending on temperatures.

(3) At beginning of life, 100% State-of-Charge. Can increase with temperature and during battery life.

(4) For optimised operation below 0°C

(5) Trade name of the Thales Group—mentioned only for the purpose of reference and application description.

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