SAMOS Solar Compass by Instro Precision

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Instro Precision Ltd
Hornet close, Pysons Road Industrial Estate
Broadstairs Kent CT10 2YD

- Dismounted Precision Targeting

- Forward Observer / JTAC indirect fire control

- Artillery fire control

- Mortar fire control

- Gun laying

- Special forces


SAMOS is an all mechanical SOLAR COMPASS module offered as an accessory for Instro's Target Acquisition Systems.


The versatile solar compass module works in conjunction with Instro's targeting application software to establish an accurate Azimuth Reference using alignment to the sun.


During the day the user follows a simple procedure to align the solar compass module to the sun using a process of shadow alignment. Once aligned, the targeting application software determines an accurate Azimuth Reference based on the sun position, time, date and own location.


Optimised for use by dismounted forces, the solar compass module is both lightweight and compact.


Proven principles and rugged construction have been employed to ensure long service life and reliability in the field.


The SAMOS solar compass module is a purely mechanical device requiring only the execution of simple procedures by the operator during deployment to provide an accurate azimuth heading relative to True North.




Solar Azimuth North Finder

Azimuth reference within seconds (Sun elevations up to 60°)

Easy to use software guided operation

Used with Instro Target Acquisition Systems to establish accurate North reference

Rugged and reliable, no moving parts

No cables or batteries required

Compact size, low weight

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