Scorpion High Power Ultra Lightweight Disposable Disruptor

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Scorpion is an ultra lightweight disposable disruptor that defeats Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) with consistent reliability. Scorpion is designed for applications where weight and ease of deployment are critical such as Special Forces operations.

Product Capability

  • Compact and lightweight structure enables it to be used on small Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) with limited payload carrying capabilities, or on ROVs where multiple shot capability is required.
  • Can be deployed manually or by ROVs to maximise operator flexibility
  • The single-shot device is supplied ‘piston-in-place’ with a closure cap and breech – eliminating the possibility of mis-assembly
  • The self-contained disruptor does not require cleaning or any ancillary kit – eliminating the need for armoury inspection or maintenance
  • Barrel is chemically inert and stable over normal EOD operating temperatures for maximum reliability

Product Specifications

  • Constructed from precision-manufactured corrosion resistant materials developed in accordance with ABP’s IS09001 quality approval system
  • Flaw detected and proofed during manufacture
  • Main body length: 400mm, Diameter: 59mm, Weight: 1150g (loaded)
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Defense Products & Services: Scorpion High Power Ultra Lightweight Disposable Disruptor
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Description: Scorpion High Power Ultra Lightweight Disposable Disruptor
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AB Precision (Poole) Ltd