SEALAT- CANTO® Acoustic Torpedo Countermeasures by Etienne Lacroix

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Etienne Lacroix
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CANTO®, developed by DCNS, is an all-in-one broadband active acoustic emitter acting both as a jammer for dilution and as a false target generator for confusion. CANTO® is effective against both active and passive sonar.


LACROIX's SYLENA system dispenses the DCNS CANTO® broadband acoustic torpedo countermeasure, utilizing a SEALAT pyrotechnic mortar.



In order to counter the latest threats, recent technological developments have significantly enhanced countermeasures' credibility and effectiveness.



In fact, the latest generation of missile homing devices can instantaneously analyse the target's spectral, spatial and temporal data and reject any radar echoes or infrared radiation that are not emitted by a ship's signature.


Most of today's missiles are equipped with ECCM (Electronic Counter-Countermeasures) capabilities that reject standard decoys employing metal dipoles (chaff) or hot spot and non spectral infrared compositions.


These factors have prompted us to invest in R&D to offer the Lacroix new generation naval decoy range: SEACLAD "SEA Borne Countermeasures Lacroix Advanced Decoy".


Our ammunition can be used with all SYLENA systems, as well as with DAGAIE NG & NGDS systems, in order to provide effective protection for vessels of all sizes, utilizing innovative countermeasures.

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Description: SEALAT- CANTO® Acoustic Torpedo Countermeasures
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