Series 34 Miniature Connector by Gisma Steckverbinder

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Gisma Steckverbinder GmbH
Leinestraße 25
D-24539 Neumünster

The series 34 miniature connectors with robust titanium housing are ideal for harsh environments and underwater applications, also if small design dimensions are required.


Due to the compact dimensions, this series is optimal for small sensor housing. Under advanced environmental conditions, the longitudinally watertight PEEK insulator guarantees high operational reliability.


With the double o-ring sealing in the mating area, high long-term performance is achieved for different applications.


Main fields of application are:

offshore industry

naval technology

marine research

renewable energy

industry applications


Technical specifications:

available only in titanium

high pressure watertightness

double o-ring-sealing

contact arrangement from 2 to 20 contacts

operating voltage up to 50 V

operating current up to max. 8 A

test pressure up to 600 bar

max. working temperature 150 °C

PEEK insulator

robust contacts

open face longitudinally watertight receptacles and plug

dry mating capability

secure metric locking thread

robust keyway

Defense Products & Services: Series 34 Miniature Connector by Gisma Steckverbinder
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Description: Series 34 miniature connector
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