SINCGARS RT-1702 VHF Combat Net Radio by Harris Corporation

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United States of America

Harris Corporation
1025 W NASA Boulevard
Melbourne, FL 32919

The Harris SINCGARS RT-1702 rapidly adapts to changing mission needs with versatile deployment for both in-vehicle and dismount communications. The VHF Combat Net Radio also delivers robust SINCGARS voice clarity, extended range and the trusted reliability of the world’s most-fielded tactical radio technology.


Ruggedized SINCGARS tactical Combat Net Radio


The RT-1702 is engineered for ease of use, with no external programming needed for setup and operation. Frequency and security options are accessed through the front panel, allowing soldiers to quickly and effectively manage multiple operations.


An optional, embedded 12-channel GPS receiver supports enhanced Situational Awareness through real-time maps, Position Location Information and IP data. External interfaces are also available for sharing GPS data with other tactical systems.


Key Benefits


Robust SINCGARS voice clarity and extended range

Extremely easy to use, no external programming required

Reliable and durable, simplified maintenance

Gen 3 Night Vision goggle display compatibility

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Description: SINCGARS RT-1702 VHF Combat Net Radio
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