Slimline Monotube Towers for Air Traffic Control by Easat Antennas

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Easat Monotube Towers are specifically designed for mounting the full range of Easat antennas and pedestals, and a wide variety of similar third-party supplied equipment.


Flexibility of siting for Monotube Towers is invaluable for SMR positioning where system performance and target detection is especially critical.


Due to the small footprint of the Slimline Monotube with no requirement for separate equipment room the tower can be located adjacent to or between tall buildings, hangers or on airport aprons, as is the case at London Heathrow.


Monotube Tower Panorama


Easat are happy to show you the new 360° panorama view of the inside of one of our monotube towers, complete with all the equipment needed for use in a full Primary Radar System.


Monotube Towers have a number of benefits over conventional lattice towers, including:


Rapid installation time

Minimal tower footprint

Ability to use a number of floors inside the tower for equipment, thereby minimising or eliminating the need for an adjacent equipment cabin

Enhanced safety and security for installed equipment since it is all located either inside or on top of the Monotube Tower

Reduced whole-life costs due to following factors: exterior finish has a life-span of 20 years; tower fastenings are internal to the Monotube Tower; minimal annual inspection requirements

Superior radar performance through installation of transceivers in air conditioned integral equipment room, with shorter waveguide runs than can normally be achieved via lattice tower installations

Greater aesthetic appeal of Monotube Towers

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