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The Special Forces (SF) Kit provides specialist teams with Explosive Method of Entry (EMoE), Breaching, Demolitions and Denial of Enemy Resource equipment.  Alford charges have been the choice of Special Forces teams from around the world because of their effectiveness and reliability.  All charges take a low net explosive quantity (NEQ), yet deliver an accurate result.  They are all portable when filled with explosive and with water and can be stowed in personnel pouches or in webbing.  Charges include:


Water-Tamped Charges – used against small to medium sized Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)

Large Shaped Charges – provided in a variety of sizes with a range of projectiles depending upon the task

Copper-Lined Linear-Cutting Charges – used for cutting thick targets and through sheet steel

Demolition Charges – used for gaining entry through compound walls or making a shooting hole

Range of stands and accessories – includes a variety of stands, legs and adhesive tapes to assist positioning


Greater demolition capability can be added along with a water-tight cone for the Krakatoa shaped charge to enable it to be used for underwater explosive tasks.  Charges can also be replaced as they are consumed to ensure you have a comprehensive kit at all times.


A standard kit is available.  Kits can also be tailored to suit the type of customer, the threat faced and the type of explosive used in country.

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