SPM-100 Flare Parachute Target by KINTEX

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The flare parachute target "SPM-100" is intended to imitate the air target. It serves mainly to hold battle-firing practice in aviation with missiles "air-air" (for example: R-27, R-73, R-77, etc.) having radiolocation guidance system or guidance system in the field of infrared radiation and with anti air-craft guided missiles while using board and terrestrial radiolocation stations. When needed the flare parachute target can be used as an illuminating aviation bomb.


SPM-100 is applicable to use with the following aircrafts:

- MiG – 21, MiG – 23, MiG – 29, SU – 22, SU – 24, SU – 25K, SU – 30;

- Mi – 8, Mi – 17, Mi – 171, Mi – 24/35.


By only one target, firing practices on three aircrafts - interceptors could be made consecutively at intervals of 2,0....2,5 min.



Technical Characteristics:





  - Body diameter

280 mm²

  - Fin span

345 mm²

  - Body length

1060 ± 5 mm

Target weight

80 kg

Main parachute area

36 m²

Minimum glow force of torch system

900 000 cd

Combustion minimum time of torch system

7.5 min

Characteristic time

20.2 – 22 sec

Maximum permissible high of bomb dropping

10 000 m

Maximum permissible speed of bomb falling

700 km/h

Maximum permissible overload

5 g (49/s²)m

Defense Products & Services: SPM-100 Flare Parachute Target by KINTEX
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Description: SPM-100 Flare Parachute Target
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