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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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The SprayGuard is an anti-static material with welded over taped seams. The suit can be used for medical applications, biomedical research, terrain decontamination, pest control, lead elimination processes or mineral fibres (asbestos) and glass fibres.


The SprayGuard is a type 4 limited life coverall. The suit can be used for a range of applications such as, Medical, biomedical research, pest control, emergency interventions after accidents with loss of chemicals, pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies, industrial cleaning, waste treatment, nuclear power plants and veterinary services.


Available versions:


1) Coverall

2) Fully encapsulated suit with PAPR

3) Leg options: elasticated or Boot ties with antislip sole, laces + cooper strips or atex approved





Garments made with welded over taped seams

For NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical protection)

Anti-static material in & out

Absorbent inner fabric

Flame retardant fabric

Batwing sleeve

Zipper storm flap

Breather fabric

Thumb & finger loop as standard


Description                                       Standard                   SprayGuard


Abrasion Resistance                        EN 530                               5

Flex Cracking                                   EN – ISO 7854/99B            6

Trapezoidal Tear Resistance            EN – ISO 9073-4          MD2/XD2

Traction Resistance                          EN – ISO 13934-1        MD3/XD1

Puncture                                           EN 863                                2

Burst                                                 ISO 13938-2                        3

Anti-Static                                         EN 1149-1                        Pass

Ignition Resistance                           prEN – 13274-4         Self extinguishing

Over taped seam strength               EN – ISO 13935-2             Class 4

Defense Products & Services: SprayGuard Suit by VersarPPS
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Description: SprayGuard Suit
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SprayGuard Suit

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