SPRL-A0001 LHCP Cavity Backed Spiral Antenna by Alaris Antennas

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South Africa

Alaris Antennas (Pty) Ltd
1 Travertine Avenue, N1 Business Park, Old Johannesburg Road
Centurion, Gauteng 0157

The SPRL-A0001 is a wideband LHCP cavity backed spiral antenna. It is designed for ECM, surveillance and telemetry applications, and, exhibiting low pattern re-entrance and good phase stability for the entire range of its operating band, is extremely suitable for direction finding applications of various types.


SPRL-A0001 features a low VSWR and high gain over the operating band, and has compact and lightweight package.


Operation from as low as 500 MHz to 6 GHz is possible with reduced performance. SPRL-A0001-01 provides a weatherproof radome to cover the otherwise exposed PCB radiator and is for use when the antenna is to be mounted outdoors and not in a protected system enclosure.


Technical specifications:


Frequency                 MHz 1000 - 4000

Power Handling        10 W

Polarisation               LHCP

Gain (dB)                   3 to 7

Mass (kg)                   0.5

Size (m)                     0.163

Maximum VSWR      < 2.5:1

Defense Products & Services: SPRL-A0001 LHCP Cavity Backed Spiral Antenna by Alaris Antennas
Companies & Organizations: 
Country: South Africa
Description: SPRL-A0001 LHCP Cavity Backed Spiral Antenna
Source of Information: Alaris Antennas (Pty) Ltd