SR Series Portable Tower Trailers (Multi-Terrain Configuration) by Will-Burt Company

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The heavy-duty SR Series Portable Tower Trailer is ideal for use in multiple environments and terrains for ultimate deployment flexibility.


The most affordable and popular of all ITS configurations, the SR Series incorporates a 15,000lb capacity GVWR heavy-duty, multi-terrain drawbar trailer with the industry’s strongest, most reliable and capable telescopic tower system. The SR Series trailer utilizes tandem 7,000 lb each capacity axles, 16″ multi-terrain tires, all-wheel electric brakes, a trailer break-away devise, LED lighting, outrigger stabilization, and an impact and weather resistant anti-slip coating over a diamond plate steel operating platform.


The SR Series is designed to transport and support at site a trailer payload from 3,800 – 4,500 lbs of ITS and/or customer-installed equipment. The ITS lattice steel tower is designed to transport horizontally over the trailer’s forward deck, automatically tilt by means of a single hydraulic cylinder and elevate utilizing a custom direct drive electric winch motor/gearbox assembly. The SR Series is capable of being deployed, elevated to its full-extended height and secured by a mechanical tower lock mechanism by one person in under 30 minutes.




- Multi-environment Use & Unmatched Tower Capabilities:

All-terrain transport and deployment alternatives; features varying tower height alternatives with substantial operational and survival wind-load characteristics.

- Ease of Operation:

User-friendly and reliable hydraulic tilt and electric direct drive operating systems; integrated safety and redudant cabling features.

- Model Characteristics and Product Availability:

Inventories of our most popular and affordable configuration are maintained at all times; Military standards are used as guides in equipment design and manufacturing processes.


SR Series Specifications


Trailer GVWR Capacity

15,000 lbs.

Standard Tower Height

from 38′ to 106′ AGL

Standard Tower Payload

Up to 650 lbs / 295 kg

Defense Products & Services: SR Series Portable Tower Trailers (Multi-Terrain Configuration) by Will-Burt Company
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Description: SR Series Portable Tower Trailers (Multi-Terrain Configuration)
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