Stanchions, Guardrails & Safety Net Systems by Permali Gloucester

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Permali are the market leaders in the design and development of composite naval stanchions, guardrails and safety net systems to suit a wide variety of vessel types.


Stanchions can be fixed, folding or removable and incorporate either permanent or flexible parafil guardrails.


Safety net systems are suitable for flight decks and gun platforms and can be either deck or hull mounted, manually operated or automated using hydraulics.



Approach lighting can be incorporated in to the net system.


Mechanical Tests


Permali net systems and guardrail stanchions have been approved by the UK MoD. They also meet the requirements of the IMO, DNV and Lloyds register. To gain MoD approval for a net system, a 90kgs sandbag is dropped from a height of 1.5 metres above the system into the net.


To pass the test no part of the system is allowed to fail and the system must be fully operable following the test.


Permali routinely drop a 150kg sandbag from a height of 1.5 metres into the net to ensure that the system is fully compliant and meets even the most stringent requirements.


The stanchions undergo a similar test where the sandbag is replaced by a solid steel weight of 90kgs.


Safety Net Systems


Using a unique camlock design, the Permali safety net systems can be positively locked in the upright and deployed positions. The combination of a cast stainless steel base and a GRP net frame provides a corrosion free system with enhanced stealth properties, which can be easily operated by one person.


To assist the stealth properties the folding bases are available as 84°, 90°, 96° and 102° units. Net systems can also be customised to suit any ships requirement. A safe refuge is provided by using shock cord woven into the lower section of the net allowing it to “bag when necessary”.


Permali net systems are used for both the flight deck and gun platforms. Safety net systems can be either deck or hull mounted. Automated net systems are also available.


Permali safety net systems are in use on the UK Type 45 Destroyers, and have been selected for the CVF carrier programme. Many Navies around the world use Permali net systems to ensure the safety of their crew and equipment.


RAS / Hangar lift off gates


Where unobstructed access is required, such as over the side Replenishment at Sea stations and Helicopter maintenance within a hangar, Permali can provide a lift off gate combined with folding stanchions, providing complete freedom of access.


Stanchion Styles


Permali are able to supply a full range of stanchion styles from the fixed Type A, to folding and quick release removable stanchions. As Permali offer a full design service variations on the standard styles of stanchion are possible, such as a modification to the height, the number of handrails, hinge points etc.


All stanchion and net systems are finished with a two part polyurethane paint to the required colour. This provides a smooth, easy to clean and safe surface. Stanchion systems are supplied complete with all the necessary stainless steel fixings together with the necessary fittings and lugbolts to enable either fixed composite handrail, flexible parafil lines or removable chains to be installed.

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