STBP-29 Specialised Combat Simulator and IASO-29 Automated Training System

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The specialised combat simulator is designed for flying personnel to study and master air materiel, undergo training/retraining and maintain their airmanship. It also assists in the evaluation of the flying personnel readiness for piloting, air navigation and combat employment of the MiG-29 (MiG-29SMT) aircraft individually and in two-plane formation using the avionics suite and in co-operation with ground management equipment in the enemy’s fire and jamming countermeasures environment.


The training suite includes:

fixed-cockpit flight simulator

external visual system

computing system.


The training system is controlled from the instructor’s seat. For practicing in two-plane formation and simulation of air combat with really controlled enemy aircraft, the system is equipped with the auxiliary pilot’s seat. The training system is effective for mastering the multimode avionics suite, weapon control computing system and flight-navigation complexes. The interactive automated training system (IATS) is designed for classroom and primary training of flying personnel, engineers and technicians for operation and maintenance of aircraft and ensures high quality of training. It is of modular design and its computing environment features an open architecture.



IATS hardware/software incorporates:

collective and individual training systems

flight procedures simulator, including a cockpit simulator that imitates the pilot’s seat according to the organization list and functional logic of controls and equipment of the aircraft cockpit as well as control computer system that also imitates operation of the equipment and weapons of aircraft in real time

reference and information system.

Defense Products & Services: STBP-29 Specialised Combat Simulator and IASO-29 Automated Training System
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Description: STBP-29 Specialised Combat Simulator and IASO-29 Automated Training System
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