Su-27SKM Multirole Fighter

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The Su-27SKM is a highly maneuverable single-seat multirole fighter. It is designed to gain air superiority, defeat air and ground targets in all weather with guided and unguided weapons, while operating selfsustained or within an air group



The aircraft is equipped with the surveillance/ sighting (radar and optronic) systems that provide engagement of air and ground (surface) targets, day and night, under fair and adverse weather conditions. The built-in laser range-finder ensures efficient employment of high-precision weapons. The radar mapping of ground (water) surface and target tracking provide pre-launch target designation and employment of missiles and air bombs in any weather, day and night.


The high-performance ECM equipment is installed on fighter to destroy the hostile radars by anti-radiation missiles. The navigation system provides high-accuracy navigation in all stages of flight. The cockpit instrumentation facilitates the pilot to operate effectively using a combination of the large-size colour LC multifunctional displays. The in-flight refuelling system enables to increase the fighter's flight endurance restricted by physical ability of a pilot.



The Su-27SKM combat load is carried on ten external hardpoints and includes R-27 air-to-air missiles of all modifications, R-73E and RVV-AE AAMs, as well as Kh-31A, Kh-31P, Kh-29T (TE, L) ASMs and KAB-1500Kr and KAB-500Kr guided bombs. The unguided weapons comprise S- 8, S-13 and S-25 rockets and up to 500-kg calibre air bombs. The aircraft is also armed with a built-in GSh- 301 gun with 150 rounds of ammunition. A combination of outstanding flight performance and highly-efficient weapons mix makes the Su-27SKM the most flexible, highly agile and powerful multirole fighter.

Length, m



Wing span, m



Height, m



Take-off weigh, kg

normal 23,430

max 33,000


Max combat load, kg



Max airspeed:

ground-level, km/h 1,400

high-level, Mach number 2.15


Service ceiling, km



Flight range, km:

high-altitude 3,530

low-altitude 1,340


Take-off run, m



Landing roll (with drogue chute), m



Max g-load




2 х AL-31F




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