Su-32 Fighter-Bomber

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The two-seat Su-32 fighter-bomber is designed to destroy ground (surface) targets, including point and multiple, stationary and mobile, as well as air targets under normal and adverse weather conditions in hostile air defence and ECM environments; to conduct aerial reconnaissance and neutralize enemy's AD weapon control systems. The aircraft features high combat payload capacity and survivability, low-altitude terrainfollowing flight and employment of high-precision guided air attack weapons against ground, sea-surface and air targets, and unguided air attack weapons from high and low altitudes with high precision over flat and mountainous terrains.




The avionics suite ensures highly automated mission accomplishment in the entire range of operating conditions. It incorporates a phasedarray radar that detects air targets with cross section of 3 sq meters at a range of at least 120 km. Thus, providing up to 10 targets tracked simultaneously and up to 4 – engaged at a time. Whereas the ground (surface) target acquisition range is from 30 to 100 km. The avionics system also includes a laser-TV station and a powerful automated ECM system. The two-seat sideby- side arrangement provides a direct contact between crew's members and avoids duplication of controls and instruments. Modern instrumentation and comfortable cockpit conditions significantly facilitate crew's operation in duration flights. The air conditioning system allows crew members to operate in cockpit without oxygen masks up to an altitude of 10 km. There is a rest area inside deep fuselage section aft of cockpit, where crew's members can stand up to their full height, take food, etc.



The Su-32 combat payload is carried on 12 hardpoints and includes guided weapons: R- 27R1(ER1), R-27Т1(EТ1), R-73E, RVV-АЕ AAMs; Kh-59МE, Kh-31А (P), KH-29ТЕ (L) ASMs; КАB- 500L (Кr), КАB-1500L (Кr) laser-guided bombs, as well as unguided weapons: S-8, S-13 and S- 25 rockets 250- and 500-kg calibre air bombs. The aircraft is armed with a built-in GSh-301 gun with 150 rounds.


Dimensions, m:

length 23.34

height 6.085

wing span, m 14.7


Take-off weight, normal, kg



Service ceiling, km



Combat load, kg



Max airspeed, km/h:

ground-level 1,400

high-level 1,900


Combat radius, km




2 x AL-31F turbofaws




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