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With the release of the Advanced Matrix Scanner module, ABI Electronics introduces the new software platform SYSTEM 8 Ultimate. The software is compatible with all other SYSTEM 8 modules and introduces new features for a seamless interaction with your hardware during test and fault-finding procedures.


SYSTEM 8 Ultimate was developed alongside the Advanced Matrix Scanner module (AMS) and therefore offers two new instruments: the 3D V-I Tester and the Matrix V-I Tester.


The graphical user interface was modified and the menu moved to the side to provide clearer and quicker access to the instruments. This toolbar can be reduced to single icons to offer more usable space for media content in TestFlows (videos, PDFs, images, documents etc.). The arrangement of the instruments can be modified using the Instrument Menu Manager.


At the heart of SYSTEM 8 Ultimate is the concept of TestFlow, an approach to testing and fault finding that not only speeds up operation – and thus turnover – but also allows the system to be used by semi-skilled operators.


TestFlow transforms fault finding into a methodical, step by step procedure that reduces the risk of inaccurate measurements by recording all the parameters of a test. Technicians can write a test procedure, or TestFlow, for a particular PCB by setting up each stage of the process and recording the results. They may also include their knowledge of the board through schematics, images, videos or even notes and instructions to assist with the task. Low level operators need only follow the instructions on-screen to carry out an extensive test sequence on even the most complicated boards.


With TestFlow, knowledge and experience of a PCB remainssafely stored and accessible to anyone!


With SYSTEM 8 Ultimate, the TestFlow Manager provides a reporting function that can be customised for each step. The Report Manager enables users to log and display a complete range of data in a customisable report. The report template can be modified, for instance to include a company logo, using a standard html editor.


SYSTEM 8 Ultimate introduces new instruments for the BFL and the MIS modules. Following user reviews, enhanced instruments were developed to facilitate the use of the software. Note that these instruments can be redesigned easily to suit any application.


SYSTEM 8 Ultimate also includes a range of existing and improved features in response to increasing demand from our range of customers from all types of industry. These include:


- Custom calculator functions to run live arithmetic operations with results

- Data logging calculator for soak-testing and trend measurements

- User access manager with passwords to restrict access to some areas of the software

- Instrument menu manager to customise the look and use of the software

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