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Field telephone ТА-57-U  is a modernized variant of Field telephone ТА- 57. ТА-57-U is intended to provide telephone communication in field conditions. It belongs to LB (local battery) system with magneto ringing and can be included into CB station systems (in this case feeding of ТА-57-U is provided from the local battery).


Magneto ringing is made with the help of a built-in electronic pulse generator. A call is made by pushing the button on the case of ТА-57-U. The opportunity of light indication of subscriber's line condition (line integrity, break, short circuit) is provided as well as acoustic signaling of power battery condition (discharge). The field telephone has a built-in receiving acoustic device. Switching on/off of the micro-telephone headset circuits is provided by means of reed relay.


The telephone's circuit is protected from lightning discharge near the lines, from accidental touch of the line to the wires of electricity networks. ТА-57-U provides remote control of a radio set.The telephone ТА-57-U spans attenuation 47.8dB (5,5Neper), that provides a reliable communication:


- through field cable line P-274М up to 44 km;

- through overhead communication lines with wire diameter 3 mm and operating rang 150 ÷ 250 km.


ТА-57-U ensures reception of acoustic call signal with volume not less 80dB from magneto with capacity not less 2W and through line attenuation 47,8dB (5,5Neper).


*Power supply of the telephone is "Ataka" battery 10V, capacity- 2,7 ampere/hour (or GB-10-U).

Operating temperature: -40°C to +50°C, relative air humidity-not less 98% when temperature is 25°C.

*ТА-57-U is produced without battery.




Technical Characteristics:


Input resistance modulus on a 1000 Hz frequency, Ohm

 600 (+400;-100)

Output voltage of the Field telephone ТА-57-U at a frequency 1000Hz, V 


Electrical resistance of isolation, not less, MОhm 


     mean-time-between-failures, h
     average working life, years
     recovery time, min


Dimensions, mm, not more 


Weight, not more, kg 


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