Tactical Air Surveillance Radar (TASR) by Harris Corporation

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Harris Corporation
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The Tactical Air Surveillance Radar or TASR provides high quality, unambiguous data and information to controllers under all combinations of operational conditions. The Air Surveillance Radar display format presents the air situation on high-resolution, full color displays. Information can be tailored to the controller’s needs and preferences.


Harris tactical air surveillance radars offer high performance features


The Harris Tactical Air Surveillance Radar achieves excellent target detection and false alarm control even in severe environments through a balanced system design. A low sidelobe antenna, a high stability transmitter, digital Moving Target Detection Doppler processing, and advanced automatic target extraction, aided by extensive adaptive mapping, are key features. These techniques have been perfected over several generations of Air Traffic Control radars to the current high performance.


Harris tactical air surveillance radars keep the skies safe with excellent availability, reliability and maintainability


The Tactical Air Surveillance Radar achieves high availability, high reliability and easy maintainability through a modular, redundant system with fail-soft, fail-safe protection and monitoring built in. Redundancy with automatic switching ensures continuous operation. Proven commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software and small numbers of unique modules ensure high reliability. For example, the solid-state transmitter uses only three different modules. On-line maintenance including “hot” module replacement even in the transmitter ensures fast repairs without downtime. Finally, the modular, open architecture supports future enhancements through technology insertion.

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