TAP-77 Field Telephone Set by KINTEX

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TAP-77 field telephone set is designed for establishing a telephone connection through telephone channels, radio/radiorelay and wire communication lines. The calling of the correspondent is made by means of magneto and the magneto call receiver is electronic one.


TAP-77 field telephone set provides:

connection to "Local Battery" telephone sets and exchanges

connection to "Central Battery" telephone exchanges;

operation with automatic exchanges by means of a separate dialing attachment;

closing the subscriber line stub when the telephone is radio remote controlled;

connection to the communication lines as a control post.



TAP-77 field telephone set is designed to provide reliable operation in different climatic conditions and it is hermetically sealed, impact and vibration resistant.



Technical Characteristics:


Covering attention at 800 Hz, dB


Local effect attenuation(300-3400Hz), dB


Magnetic output power, W


Calling singal acoustic level, dB


Transmission ratio(1000Hz), Pa/V


Frequency response of the transmission ratio
     in 300 - 2000 Hz band, dB/oct
     in 1500 - 3400 Hz band, dB/oct

from 4 to  6(+/-2)

Receiver ratio mean value, Pa/V


Amplitude response in transmission mode compared to the zero level, dBm


Non-linear distortions coefficient of transmission at zero output level, %


Internal noise level, dB


Power supply, V


Volume, dm3


Weight, kg


Operating temperature, oC

- 50/ +50


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