TELESCOPES 7x50/7x50C/10x50 Day Vision Binocular by Transvaro

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Transvaro AS
Dereboyu Cad. Çalışkan Sk. No:4
34303 Halkalı Küçükçekmece, İstanbul

Precise optical technology is used in the 7x50, 7x50C ve 10x50 binoculars for maximum image quality and brightness.


- 7x50, 7x50C and 10x50 binoculars utilizes precision optical engineering for maximum image clarity and brightness.

- Its advanced military design and fiber-reinforced polycarbonate rubber armoured housing makes the extremely rugged and lightweight.

- The Binoculars consist of a left and right side.

- The interpupillary distance being adjusted by swivelling the halves of the telescope around its central axis. The binoculars are waterproof at a depth of 1 meter. The 7x50C model consist of compass.

- All aluminum components are anodized to protect against corrosion.

- External metal parts are finished with a coating of green colored enamel.

- Objective lenses are protected with collapsible plastic caps which are secured to the binocular body.

- Lines, numbers and indicators are designed to be easily readable in daylight as well as in artifical light. The Reticle is adjusted parallax free to infinity and is built into the right half of the binocular.




Model                                                7x50                        7x50c                         10x50 

Magnification                                     7 x                           7 x                              10 x

Entrance Pupil                                   50 mm                    50 mm                         50 mm

Exit Pupil                                           7.1 mm                   7.1 mm                         5 mm

Field of View                                     132 m                      132 m                          113 m

(@ 1000m )                                       (Angular 7,5°)          (Angular 7,5°)             (Angular 6,48°)

Diopter Adjustment                            ± 5                           ± 5                              ± 5

Interpupillary Distance                       56 - 74 mm             56 - 74 mm                 56 - 74 mm

Operational Temperature                  - 25 ° / +55 ° C        - 25 ° / +55 ° C           - 25 ° / +55 ° C

Weight                                              1337 grams              1395 grams               1337 grams

Dimensions (mm)                             200x85x150              200x103x150            200x85x150







-Can be used with tripod

Defense Products & Services: TELESCOPES 7x50/7x50C/10x50 Day Vision Binocular by Transvaro
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Description: TELESCOPES 7x50/7x50C/10x50 Day Vision Binocular
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