Titanium Delta Lightweight Hook & Line Kit by NIC Instruments Ltd

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Hook and line is a semi remote line rigging systems, that allows tasks, such as gaining access to vehicles and buildings, to be carried out at a safe distance of typically 100m.


NIC Instruments’ Hook & Line kits come complete with a number of well thought out and designed anchor applications to ensure that the operator can always achieve a secure and strong pulley point. These include Rope Slings, Sticky Eyes, Suction Pads, Karabiners, Hooks, Clamps, Grips & Stakes.


Once the line has been laid the final task for the Operator is to attach the line to the suspect object. The final attachment will often be completed in a Bomb Suit. NIC Instruments has designed the Hook & Line tools taking into account the reduced dexterity and manoverability of a Bomb Suit, by producing tools which are easy to use and quick to deploy.


Hook & Line has saved many IEDD Operators, Law Enforcement and Search Operators lives by separating them from danger during a positive action and by allowing them not to set patterns which are easily exploitable by criminal or terrorist groups. NIC Instruments will strive to innovate new systems which will aid the survivability of these personnel and add to the capability of those that place themselves in harm’s way when trying to eradicate the explosive threat.


This very light kit is designed for EOD & search operators working in combat zones. A minimalist kit, with only the essential tools for basic hook and line procedures. It is small & light weight, & the thigh pouch storage makes it the perfect solution for rapid response. Refined from the Delta kit, this kit is further reduced in weight. The hooks and pitons are a specialist titanium design, which significantly reduce weight and packing volume.


Part Number HL008703

NATO stock number 1385-99-933-4885

Defense Products & Services: Titanium Delta Lightweight Hook & Line Kit by NIC Instruments Ltd
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Description: Titanium Delta Lightweight Hook & Line Kit
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