TOPAZ-M Flight Information Processing System

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The Topaz-M system processes flight information registered by airborne recorders for online, special and full-scale monitoring of aircraft/ helicopter flights in order to:


record violations of flight performance limitations

analyze and predict the systems’ status (aircraft/helicopter)

reveal failures and deviations in operation of aircraft/helicopters and locate their causes

reveal the flight crew’s violations of flight regimes and the flight mission

reveal the flying personnel, engineers and technicians’ violations of aircraft/helicopter operating conditions

find the causes of aircraft/helicopter incidents

develop algorithms to analyze the status and operation of the aircraft/helicopter systems.


The Topaz-M system processes, analyzes and stores information of airborne recorders of general and special applications, airborne automated monitoring systems, airborne video recorders and airborne cockpit voice recorders.


The Topaz-M system is manufactured in several commercial and laboratory versions for static or mobile applications:

static laboratory version

static version with a video information processor

ship-borne static version (for aircraft/helicopter carriers and shore-based aerodromes)

ship-borne mobile version

mobile protected version (manufactured so as to increase its protection for the severe environment applications)

mobile laboratory version.


The system includes a stationary or portable computer, a re-recorder for rewriting data from the airborne recorder, an information player, a board for integration with the player, and software for the Windows 98SE, Windows XP operating system. The Topaz-M system can provide objective monitoring of flights of various military and transport aircraft and helicopters.





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