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Jeppesen’s Total Navigation Solution (TNS) gives you enterprise, force-wide, unlimited access to Jeppesen’s high quality, comprehensive global library of aeronautical charts—all for a simple, flat fee.


That means you have any chart at any time for any user on any mission. You can access the charts however you’d like: on paper, on the ground, digitally or completely mobile on the flight deck.


Jeppesen Total Navigation Solution gives you:


- Access to Jeppesen’s industry-leading, comprehensive electronic global library of aeronautical charts for use on the ground and in the air—Web, PC software or an app running on the mobile device you choose.

- Mobile FliteDeck for iOS, and FliteDeck Pro for both iOS and Windows®.

- Comprehensive global charting software, electronic charts for Windows, for the PC or laptop.

- Web access from any computer with Internet connection via secure, user-unique user- name and password.

- All terminal, enroute and supporting chart libraries and NOTAMs.

- Ability to print charts from the Web or electronic charts for Windows software.

- An operationally approvable path to a paperless cockpit.

- Military airport coverage and unique charts, such as Airport Qualification Procedures (AQP).

- A consistent, reliable chart utilizing Jeppesen’s airline-proven distribution backbone and proprietary chart file format for compact file sizes, even for global coverage.

- Integration with Jeppesen’s industry-leading flight planning systems.

- Multiple chart sources consolidated into one solution with the ability to ingest your own charts or other third-party charts.

- Paper chart services, if required.

- Additional services including Jeppesen charts on Multi-Function Displays (MFD).

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