Track Tension Systems by Horstman Defence Systems

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Horstman Track Tension systems provide passive and adaptive solutions that maintain the demanded tension level of the track, while influencing the total suspension stiffness.


Horstman’s Track Tension solutions improve power efficiency, vehicle manoeuvrability, pressure distribution in chassis components, and track peel-off from the sprocket.


Rugged systems proven in service include AS90 and K9 Howitzer, the Terrier engineer vehicle, US Ground Combat Vehicle, Tulpar IFV and a range of confidential prototypes on agriculture and next-generation main battle tanks.


Feature                       Benefit


Passive Track             Optimized performance to prevent track shedding.

Tension                       Longer track and wheel life from reduced loading.

                                   Optimum vehicle trafficability and reduced rolling

                                   resistance for fuel economy.

                                   Under armour adjustment for specialist vehicle (assault bridge,

                                   combat engineering) 


Adaptive Track           Improves track retention in severe terrain or manoeuvres

Tension                      and reduces track wear.

                                   Nominal tension required to maximize power efficiency

                                   with reduced friction losses (on-road)

                                   Increased tension required to align with greater tractive

                                   forces between tracks, suspension and soil (cross-country)


Tracked Application










Manual track tensioning

Under armour track tensioning

Automated track tensioning system

Active track tension




Track tools

Idler wheel and rugged mount (crank)

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