Tracking Flares Series Airborne Training by Etienne Lacroix

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Etienne Lacroix
Route de Gaudiès

Lacroix Defense produces a full range of high reliable, innovative pyrotechnic tracking or ejected flares with specific emissions of adapted intensity:


- IR bandwidth (IR Tracking / Ejected Flare): 317 series (A, B, C, N models depending on the output) but also the Matador model (25mm)

- Visual domain (Visual Tracking / Ejected Flare): 317 series (L model)

- IR and visual: 317 series (R/F model)

- Ejectable models: 317 series, EJ version mentioned


In flight test centers, or during air to air or ground to air or ground to air training campaigns, infrared guided-missiles are fired to train Forces operators, or to test missile effectiveness during development phases.


- Conventional TF

The IR missile is fired to a target operated from the ground.

Targets are equipped with an infrared generator allowing IR sensors to be locked on a significant Hot Spot: TRACKING FLARES.


- Ejected TF

The IR tracking flare attached to the target is ignited. The IR missile is then locked on the tracking flare and launched. The pyrotechnic device fixed on the tracking flare is ignited, allowing the tracking flare to be ejected from the target

The costly target is safe.

Defense Products & Services: Tracking Flares Series Airborne Training by Etienne Lacroix
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Description: Tracking Flares Series Airborne Training
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