Triple GNSS Geodetic-Grade Antenna by Roke Manor Research

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Roke Manor Research Ltd
Roke Manor Old Salisbury Ln
Romsey, Hampshire SO51 0ZN

Designed for precision, Roke Manor Research’s satellite navigation antenna offers exceptional GPS, Galileo and GLONASS positioning accuracy.


This antenna can be used with confidence for the most demanding applications, having exceptional phase centre stability over a wide frequency range. The consistently high gain over frequency means uncompromised visibility and usability of available satellites. The optional internal amplifier and interference filtering provides enhanced reception in harsh operating environments.



Typical performance.


GNSS carrier                             Freq (MHz)          Element gain (dBic)            Roll off to 10° above horizon (dB)

GPS L1 / Galileo E2-L1-E1       1575                    +5.2                                     10

GPS L2                                      1228                    +6.3                                      8

GPS L5 / Galileo E5a                 1176                    +7.4                                      8

GLONASS L1                             1602                    +5.1                                    10

GLONASS L2                             1246                    +5.8                                     8

Galileo E5b / GLONASS L3        1207                    +6.8                                     8

Galileo E6                                    1279                    +5.1                                    9



• Pattern

     • Hemispherical


• Phase centre variation

     • Elevation: ± 3mm

     • Azimuth: ± 1mm


• Axial ratio

     • < 3dB from zenith to 10° above horizon

     • < 5dB from 10° to horizon


• Physical size

     • Diameter: 145mm

     • Height: 113mm

     • Weight: 430g


• Optional features:

     • Low noise amplifier with > 16dB gain

     • Internal filters for interference suppression

     • Multi-path reduction ground plane2.

     • Customisable design to meet customer requirements


Example applications

     • Accurate positioning, e.g. surveying

     • Seismic monitoring

     • Vehicle guidance

     • Air traffic management



Roke has been developing antennas for over 50 years. State-of-the-art simulation and measurement facilities are used to take antennas from concept, through design proving and validation, to manufacture.



Clients include: Galileo Joint Undertaking, UK MoD, Siemens A&D and Siemens Communications.

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