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The R&S®TrustedFilter IP separates IP networks with different classification levels. It applies deep packet inspection to all passing packets to prevent the unwanted leakage of classified information. If a packet violates the configured filtering rules the packet is dropped and the event is logged.


The R&S®TrustedFilter IP supports the filtering of VoIP traffic (SIP, RTP) and of various radio control protocols. It is possible to add further filter rules for other protocols as necessary. Filtering is performed stateless focusing only on the current processed packet. Additionally, the R&S®TrustedFilter IP can be configured to only allow communication between certain devices in both networks. The IP addresses of the higher-classified network can be hidden from the lower-classified networks using network address translation (NAT). Audio data sent from the higher-classified network to the lower-classified network may only pass the R&S®TrustedFilter IP if they bear a correct cryptographic signature. The filter configuration of the R&S®TrustedFilter IP is easily configured using its management system.


The R&S®TrustedFilter IP is based on the R&S SIT Cryptodevice-Platform, which is embedded Linux based and uses hardware developed and manufactured by R&S. The R&S SIT Cryptodevice-Platform offers among others the following security features:


Separation of networks with different classification levels

Hardware security module

Secure boot

Security management and configuration system

System and security log

CIK for classification, configuration, and detamper oft he devices

Emergency clear and tamper proteciton

Key Facts


Whitelist filters with deep packet inspection

Kryptographic verification of the classification of voice data

Blocks not authorized network traffic

Not authorized network traffic is dropped and logged

Red-black separation and TEMPEST according to SDIP27 Level C

Secure Boot, Secure Update, Secure Remote Management

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