TV/FWS-1 Fusion Thermal / Night Vision Weapon Sight by Transvaro

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Transvaro AS
Dereboyu Cad. Çalışkan Sk. No:4
34303 Halkalı Küçükçekmece, İstanbul

TV/FWS-1 Thermal/Night Vision Weapon Sight is a very lightweight fusion thermal weapon sight that can be used for sights or surveillance and can be easily mounted / dismantled on light weapons


- Clip-on weapon binoculars mounted in front of the daytime optical sight

- Thermal Weapon Sight alone

- Hand-held surveliance thermal binocular

- Air condition and target features

- Target Size (1.8 x 0.5m)

- Temp Difference 2* Probability: %50, X4 day scope magnification

- Detection (0.75 cycles/mrad)(1350m-1460m)

- Recognition (3 cycles/mrad) (460m-540m)




System Features


Field of View                        8.1* X 6.1* (Thermal)10* (Night Vision)

Magnification                       1X

Focusing Range                  10m to infinity (Night Vision)

                                             30m to infinity (Thermal)

Display Type                        Colour OLED 800 X 600

Weapon Mount                    Platinny




I/0 Port                                 RS232

Video Output                        RS107A

External Power                     7-20V DC

Battery                                  3x1,5V Lithium AA battery

                                              or 3x1,5V ‘AA* Alkaline battery

                                              or 3x1.2V “AA* rechargeable battery

Battery Life                            6 hours Fusion (with Lithium battery)

                                              40 hours Night Vision (with Lithium battery)




Weight                                   890 grams (excluding battery and accessories)

Dimensions                           189x84x75 mm


Thermal Sensor


Dedector Type                        Uncooled, Microbolometer,Vanadium Oxide

Wave Length                          8-14μm

Array Format                          320x240

Pixel Size                               17 μm


Image Intensifier Tube


18mm Gen 2 or Gen 3 Image Intensifier Tube


Environmental Specifications


Operating Temperature           32°C/+50°C

Storage Temperature              -45°C/+65°C

Vibration                                  at 20Hz,  0.005 g²/Hz

                                                 at 80-350Hz, 0.004 g²/Hz

                                                 at 2000Hz, 0.007 g²/Hz

Immersion                                1 metre water 30 minutes

Temperature Shock                  From -40°C to + 55°C within 2-3 sec

Humidity                                   %95

Operating Altitude                    15000 FT

Defense Products & Services: TV/FWS-1 Fusion Thermal / Night Vision Weapon Sight by Transvaro
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Description: TV/FWS-1 Fusion Thermal / Night Vision Weapon Sight
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