TV/MTRS-1 Mini Reflex Sight by Transvaro

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Transvaro AS
Dereboyu Cad. Çalışkan Sk. No:4
34303 Halkalı Küçükçekmece, İstanbul

The MTRS-1 is a closed tube type reflex sight with a low profile design, compact construction and long working time.


- Long battery life

- Low profile compact structure

- Compatible with pasive night vision devices




Magnification                         N/A(1X)

Eye Distance                         Infinite

Network                                 2 MOA red points

Optic Coating                        Protective multi layer

Zero adjustment range          ± 50 MOA on both axis

Adjustment accuracy             0.5 MOA

Brightness adjustment           10 levels of day vision,2 levels of night vision

Battery Life                             CR2032

Automatic turn-off                   After 8 hours

Dimensions                            66 x 64 x 37 mm

Weight                                    140 grams

Connection                             Two separate MIL-STD-1913 adaptors of high and

                                                low profile (opportunity to use the current mechanical

                                                sight with the high-profile adapter)

Operating Temperature           -30℃ / +70℃/

Storage Temperature              -40℃ / +70℃

Immersion                               1 meter water in 30 mins

Defense Products & Services: TV/MTRS-1 Mini Reflex Sight by Transvaro
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Description: TV/MTRS-1 Mini Reflex Sight
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