TV/NVA-13 Long Range Night Vision Weapon Sight by Transvaro

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Transvaro AS
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34303 Halkalı Küçükçekmece, İstanbul

NVA-13 is a night vision adapter that allows the optical sight on the gun to be used at night with the same settings and habits (Clip-On). Contrary to its counterpart, it is both smaller in size and more lightweight with its reflective optical design."


- TV/NVA-13 excels in the Night Vision Clip on Market due to its unrivalled high optical performance and lightweight compact size to provide dependable performance

- TV/NVA-13  provides a filexible Night Vision capability that can be installed and removed without the need for re-zeroing and provides the user with a 24hr capability

- TV/NVA-13 is a fully qualified military standard Night Vision Sight designed specifically for short and medium range surveillance and target engagement

- TV/NVA-13 is designed to attach in front of the shooter day sight with the sight being aligned at the factory to provide guaranteed lifetime repeatability accuracy of 0.5 mrad or better




Field of View                                                13°

Magnification                                                x1

Weight                                                          660 grams (Including battery)

Tube Type                                                    18 mm Gen2+/Gen3

Battery                                                          1x1.5V AA

Battery Life                                                    >50 Hours

(Lithium battery,at +20°C,Gen II Tube)         -

Dimensions                                                  146X81x75mm

Detection Range (Personal)

Clear Starlight                                             1420 m

Moonlight                                                     2230 m

Defense Products & Services: TV/NVA-13 Long Range Night Vision Weapon Sight by Transvaro
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Country: Turkey
Description: TV/NVA-13 Long Range Night Vision Weapon Sight
Source of Information: Transvaro AS